Texas Virtual Office

With our live answering service, you can have your phone answered with a personalized greeting and have someone screen and transfer your calls.

Texas Virtual Office

Virtual Business Phone A virtual business phone makes it easier for customers to reach and interact with you. With a virtual business phone you can have calls routed to any existing phone line, including cell phones or offices.

Texas Virtual Office

Business Address By getting a virtual office in Los Angeles, you will have access to professional conference rooms, on-site amenities, and mail forwarding services.

Texas Virtual Office

Texas Virtual Office offers many advantages. Among the many advantages of having a virtual office is that our business centers are typically located in very prestigious central business districts. Many of them are operated by owners who are involved in the everyday operations of the business to ensure total customer satisfaction. Other conveniences include a city business district mailing address at any one of our business centers. If you happen to come in to use the office suites or meeting rooms, you’ll have an entire floor of the building that’s dedicated to supporting your business office’s administrative needs. Mail services are provided and we have a professional secretary to answer your phone calls for you, route calls for you and even handle some administrative tasks such as making copies, sending faxes, taking messages and more. Texas Virtual Office offers much more than just a mailing address at its business centers. Other services that you may be interested in include telephone services, call routing, live receptionist for live phone answering services etc.. All at a very low cost. So keep your office costs down and get that professional image a business such as yours requires by renting a virtual office from Texas Virtual Office.

Virtual Business Address
With today’s fast paced business environment, a virtual business address gives you a professional look and credibility in the eyes of your clients.

  • Prestigious business address
  • On-site mail, fax, and print services
  • Access to broadband Internet
  • Conference room access


Mail Receipt

Use any one of our Texas locations to have mail received and forwarded. Unlike a P.O. Box, a virtual office gives you an actual, physical address at a prestigious location.

  • Have packages and mail accepted and forwarded
  • Use your address on your business cards and stationary
  • Maintain a professional image
  • Never use a P.O. Box or home address again

Virtual Business Phone

Use an automated phone system or live receptionist to answer your incoming calls. No more having to use your cell phone or home number for business calls.

  • Receive calls from anywhere in the world
  • Have calls routed to the phone line of your choice
  • Customers can contact you at a local or toll free number
  • Cost-effective solution

Auto Attendant

Our auto attendant feature gives you control and flexibility. Your calls will be answered with a professionally recorded greeting and routed to the number of your choice. It’s that simple.

  • Enhanced professional image
  • Calls reach you wherever you are
  • Custom greetings
  • Multiple extensions for voicemail and fax

Live Answering

Our live answering service offers you a more personable and cost-effective way to interact with your clients.

  • Call forwarding and screening
  • Create and maintain a professional image
  • 24/7 bilingual service
  • Builds credibility

Conference Room

Meet and engage with clients in the beautiful and professional conference rooms our centers have to offer.

  • Engage clients at a prestigious address
  • Cost-effective, book rooms for as little as one hour
  • Free Internet
  • Safe meeting environment

“We initially wanted an official business address and phone number for our company, but were surprised to find that we got so much more! We now have a personal answering service, access to a copy center, a conference room and access to all the amenities just as a company who actually has an office in the building.”

L. Robinson, CEO, Hartford, Inc.
Virtual Office Solution

In today’s fast paced business environment, a virtual office can provide you with a professional look. With a virtual office, you can reduce traditional office costs while maintaining a professional business image, and increase business security without using your home address. Whether you’re working from home, at the airport, or on vacation, you can access your entire business with ease. Our packages are custom-tailored to suit your business needs and budget.

Primary Features

  • Huge cost savings
  • Local business address
  • Mail and package receipt
  • Mail forwarding
  • Conference room access
  • Call forwarding/screening
  • Safe meeting environment
  • Create and maintain professional image